Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

I am not sure how Thanksgiving has already come and gone... This year, y'all. I havent a clue where its gone. Our long weekend was a busy one, ending with the laziest Sunday ever

Wednesday night, Mimi & Pops came over to watch G so Mama & Daddy could have a night out. It was so nice to get out and about and have conversation without have to stop to replace a paci or with a babe in the lap. Although almost all of our conversation was about said babe, it was a good few hours with just my hubs. As Grayson is getting older, it seems to be easier to remember that its important to continue to date your spouse, especially after you become a family of three.

I won tickets from work for the Cowboys game on Thursday. So we packed up G and headed there after lunch. This could possibly be the start to a new tradition for our little family. Grayson was incredible. He was a million times better than I ever expected and was quite popular with people at the stadium.

Pardon the oversized hat below.. i was attempting to use J's hat to salvage my hair - for the record, it didnt work.

Somehow that sweet babe even slept through the Luke Bryan concert at halftime and part of the third quarter.

Friday we spent the afternoon/evening with my parents and grandparents. Zak & Chara stayed in OKC for the weekend, since Chara had to work. We missed them, but would much rather them be around for Christmas!

Saturday we celebrated sweet Juliette's 2nd birthday. The party was precious & her outfit was to die for. I took zero pics, so here are stolen ones from Jacqueline :)

Goodness - how our sweet Supper Club has grown! And we arent done yet..! Here is a pic from 2012.... I think at this point we only had Landon ...

Directly after the party we headed over to J's parents to celebrate Thanksgiving with the Dunaways. These sweet cousins "played", more like a lot of touching, some scratching and a lot of trying to gnaw on each other - I blame teething? ha!

 We attempted some photos for Mimi's Christmas card... I for one had an uncooperative baby (& husband) so there may be a request for re-dos soon!

We have this same posed pic from Jojo's wedding, during pregnancy & now with the babes!

Saturday night was a rough one for G. He was up many times that night, screaming in pain (gas/bellyaches). It was so so sad. Sunday was spent relaxing and babying my baby. He hasnt slept in my arms like this for longer than a catnap since he was just a month old... loving every moment. Here's to hoping that Sunday night isnt a repeat!

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