Monday, January 9, 2017

Jumping Back on the Horse

Sort of.

Its not uncommon for me to drop out of the blogging world from time to time. Life just got busy. Too busy. Work this fall was insane. I went and got pregnant. And apparently second babies suck the life out of you and you have the same bedtime as your toddler. True story.

So the blog went to the wayside. I want to pick back up, to document things for myself, and I know I have family that likes the picture updates of G, because, well, even posting on IG went to the wayside too. But I am also not holding myself to an amount of posts a week or a month. When I have time or there are things to share I will be making an effort, but if the cards don't fall into place, that's ok too!

So, lets catch up:

- We celebrated Layla's 9th birthday (since we may have missed her 8th)
- G got his second haircut (first "real" haircut)
- We took Grayson and Hayes to their first circus
- We found a house that we loved/put our house on the market
- G belly flopped his way through the end of summer

- Grayson started in the toddler class
- We closed on our new home
- I did an awesome bloggers event in California
- We found out our bestests were having a baby AND its a BOY!
- G got his second set of tubes
- We found out we were expecting Baby Dunaway #2!

- We started moving things into the new house, slowly but surely & getting things painted etc.
- We took G to his first pumpkin patch & Painted a pumpkin with him
- We celebrated Halloween with our Supper Club friends

- We continued to work on the new house
- Battled Hand Foot Mouth and another wicked virus
- Went to the Zoo
- Went to the arboretum
- Spilled the Beans about Baby #2
- Visited Santa... which didn't go all that well this year

- Continued to work on the house... see a trend here? Pretty sure this will be ongoing for a while!
- Saw G's first Christmas Play at school
- Did a carriage ride to look at lights with Supper Club
- Visited Santa again.. it was slightly more successful
- Decorated/Made Santa cookies
- Supper Club adults only Christmas celebration (was amazing!)
- Celebrated Christmas with both sides of the families & at home
- Announced Baby #2 will be a BOY
- Visited the FW Childrens Museum with Auntie Annie
- Rang in the New Year in Houston with Zak & Chara

And now its 2017... and I have no idea how it happened. Looking forward to everything that this year will bring!

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