Friday, August 5, 2016

Friday Five

Another week has come and gone - craziness. Life is busy right now. So so busy, but we are trying to savor all the moments as we are speeding along.

Mu favorite things from this week:

1. Sweet Sarah Lucia made her debut to the world. Our 9th Supper Club baby is here! And I am itching to see that sweet girl! Only one more sleep until I get to hold her and see her beautiful face!

2. Hayes is Wild One. We got to finally celebrate Hayes' birthday after his party being postponed a few weeks back. Jojo did such an amazing job - and the birthday boy was ready to party!

3. Arm Candy. 

I received this fabulous JORD watch in the mail this week. I knew I loved it online, but I love it even more than I thought! J has complimented me on it several times already and even asked if they have "dude watches". ::Spoiler Alert!:: I foresee these watches becoming a go to gift in the upcoming holiday season. I have my eye on this one, this one and this one for myself. And maybe others if I feel like being generous. What about this one for J? It would look great with a suit, don't you think? Or this one? So many options. I'll take one of each, please. All the heart eyes in the world!

4. Kara's Party Ideas G's party got picked up this week on Kara's blog. I am not going to lie, Once I got going with party planning, I secretly hoped that Kara would feature his party on her blog. Fangirl much.. maybe just a little bit - ha! Amber's 30th Movie Party I threw also had been featured on her blog a few years ago. The things that make me happy. Insert eye roll here.

5. We've got a walker. I stopped in at G's school in the afternoon on Tuesday just to say hi. After being gone the week before I love seeing him any extra minute I can .. Anyway, when I opened the door to his classroom and he was walking with a little walker, he saw me, and turned to the door walking.. more like running to see me. I about cried. No lie. And the craziest part was that I had dreamt this exact thing the week before while I was in Arizona. Cray. Every day he is navigating better and better.

please excuse the mama voice in the video!

Happy weekend to you, friends!

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