Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A Weekend of Firsts

Long weekends arent as meaningful while you are on maternity leave, but they are still full out important to everyone else, so there are lots of plans to be had. Since G&I were still on the mend, we were sure to keep plenty of downtime on the books.

Friday we started our weekend with a family walk, not a first, but Mama & Daddy strolled the hood with bevies and that was a first - counts right?!

Followed up with bath time and lots of snuggles - low key Fridays are our favorite.

Can we talk about these dinosaur jams?! I bought these before G was born... well before I knew he would talk like one! Meant to be I tell ya!

Baby's first concert in the park: Saturday day was a lazy one around the house and we went out for lunch. That night we had plans with Justin, Jordan and Hayes to go to a concert in the park. The weather wasnt overbearing hot which was so nice! We ordered Gramaldi's and smuggled in beers and vodka. We were set!

Baby's first beer.... I mean, Brewery: Sunday we made plans with my parents to go to Grapevine Brewery in the afternoon. J's dad, Bobby, came along with us since Marianne was out of town for the weekend. It was a fun outing with yummy beers - I definitely missed being able to indulge in the craft brews during my pregnancy!

After the brewery, we went back to my parents for dinner and to hang out and watch a movie.

It was G's first time staying somewhere besides home, and his first bath in a kitchen sink. He didnt enjoy it very much, but it was funny nonetheless. Hopefully he gets used to it since in a few weeks, I will be staying there for a few days while J is on my brothers bachelor party!

Baby's first swim: Monday we went over to J's parents so the littles could enjoy their first swim at MiMi and Pops!

Auntie JoJo made the boys some Texas Tech onesies.. where I do not condone red and black, nor do I want to encourage G to be a fan, these onesies are pretty darn cute!

Such a fun and busy weekend... if only every weekend could be three days!

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