Friday, September 4, 2015

Shout Out

Shout out to the Stay At Home Moms {& Dads!} out there. I never discredited the SAHMs of the world, by saying that staying home wasnt a job; however 8 weeks into my maternity leave has me realizing that I may have thought it was quite a bit easier than it is. 

The pics you never see on Instagram

Pre-Babe, I told work that I would work hourly once my 6 weeks of disability was up. In my mind, newborns sleep, all day, right?! I mean how hard could it be. Cue G-Man's arrival. Eat. Sleep. Poop. On repeat, yet, Mom finds no time to do much of anything. Try to catch up on sleep. G fusses. Try to do laundry, its time to eat. Cook dinner? G wants to cuddle. Mad props to you ladies who can keep the house clean, dinner on the table, look presentable and have a happy babe. I am still working on it. As long as I have the happy babe checked off, I'll call it a successful day.

Pre-Babe, I tried to convince J that we needed a new puppy. Layla is getting older. She needs a friend. AND I was going to have 12 weeks to get that puppy trained and good to go. Smoking crack? Why yes, yes I was. If J wouldnt have put his foot down, we would be living in extra chaos, with a side of puppy poop everywhere.

This week I was under the weather. So badly, that J had to stay home Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday to help me out/keep G away from me as much as possible since we didnt want to get that little man sick too! He is a huge germaphobe so he wheeled out the pack & play and they slept in our guest room for 2 nights, so he was the one settling G down all night, as well as being the primary care taker during the day. I basically only fed G. After all that J told me countless times how he couldnt imagine doing what I have been doing for the past 8 weeks every day. It gave me some sort of satisfaction, maybe pride?, to hear him say those words. It also made me feel better to know I wasnt the only one who had undervalued what those who stay home do.

I wouldnt trade a single minute of the time I have been able to spend with Grayson and I will cherish every second of the next 4 weeks. But to those that say its easy or not a job staying at home keeping up with the kiddos and house are crazy.

I am officially converted.

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  1. Lol! I love this!! Feel better soon!


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