Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Our Wonderful Wedding Party

Where to start?! Well I guess J&I couldnt be happier and are so excited to be on our way to spending out lives together. As all of you know, we got engaged at the end of May - such an amazing night! We have chosen our date 4.16.2011 and are working on all the other details. Hoping to have a venue chosen soon! We have also chosen our wonderful and amazing wedding party... who we would love to introduce to you now:

The Ladies:

Heather - Maid of Honor; Heather and I have been best friends for **GASP** 13 years! We met freshman year of high school and have been pretty much inseparable ever since. She is someone who I will always count on to have the best time with, and will also be here for me through anything.

Katie - Maid of Honor; I met Miss Katie Lane freshman year at A&M. We were suitemates and soon became best friends, and everyone even used to ask if we were sisters :) She is someone that will always give me her honest opinion, and will support me in whatever decisions that I make.

Jenna - Bridesmaid; Jenna is a sweet, sweet friend of mine that I met through old friends. Although not friends with them any longer, Jenna & I couldn't have a stronger friendship. She is an amazing listener, confidant, and friend and someone who will always be ready for DaNcE pArTy - which as we all know makes my heart especially happy

Jordan; Bridesmaid - JoJo came into my life almost a year ago, and I am so thankful that she did! We are so similar in personality, and of course, our party planning skills. We always have a great time! She is always a good sounding board for me and understands what I am going through. AND hopefully someday will be family too.. Hint HINT! Justin... but no pressure! ;)

Amber - Bridesmaid; I have known Amber since highschool, working at Sonic, and well through college. She is such a wonderful friend! She is always there for me and always is so thoughtful and caring. She and her husband, Jordan, are also a great example for us of what an amazing marriage can be. We are truly blessed to have them in our lives!

Lorin - Bridesmaid; I met Lo through Dallas Fan Fafares... funny enough, I wasn't a huge fan of her when we first met, but I guess she grew on me! She has kept me sane in moments over the past 3 years, and has been such a great friend in and out of the office!

Kayla, Whitney & Allison - House Party; Since J said that there was no way I was having 9 bridesmaids Kayla, Whitney and Allison will be acting as the House Party for our wedding. Kayla is so fun-loving, always laughing and being a phenomenal friend. Whitney, my little sarcastic love is always keeping us laughing and on our toes. And Allison keeps girls nights always entertaining, and full of fun and laughter. I am extremely blessed to be able to say that all of these girls are my friends - and fabulous frends at that!

The Gentlemen (J is now narratting):

Justin - Best Man; I've lived with Lil D-Way for 25 years and no one knows me better than my little brother. He is the only one who took all of my beatings when we were younger (until he outgrew me in college and I quit that REAL quick!) and he hasn't retaliated yet. He knows me inside and out and I know I can count on him for anything. He is my best friend and I am truly lucky to have him as my brother.

Chris - Groomsman; The first time I met Cab we got into a fist fight at a friend's house because his basketball shoes were better than mine. We soon settled that arguement on the basketball court, where I got my ass handed to me. Chris is my best friend and my go to guy for advice. Thankfully I redeemed myself soon after in ping pong.

Blake - Groomsman; Oh shorty "B", where to begin? Do I start with the Jamba Juice days or the times we would break open After Shock bottles? Or what about our No Limit phase or the days we used to dominate on the diamond? Plastic flamingos... all stealth-like... Golden Monkeys. Yeah, it was everyone one of those time.. with Golden Monkeys... Wreck em Tech!

Branden - Groomsman; B-Dub and I were on the same basketball team in 4th grade and he was the only player that was better than me... that said, we started off on the wrong foot. Wally & I became best friends in high school tearing through the streets of Coppell, trashcanning the Bonneville (dont ask). And he is the 2009 Beer Olympic Champion! I told you guys, that right there is the man!

Zak - Groomsman; I met Zak for the first time when Ashley was out of town working. I was a little intimidated to meet him after his quirky "pink tickler" comments (not to mention he is 3 times my size). Luckily quite a few good ol orange tic tacs helped it get easier. Zak has always made me laugh and I am looking forward to a life full of his one liners.

Travis - Groomsman; I have known Travis since our elementary school days at Mockingbord. In 4th grade we wrote a book, "Unidentified Flying Banannas" for a class project. The book later became the talk of the 4th grade and admired by our fellow classmates. It was legendary. Tapella always has a smile on his face and is one of the most well respected and professional people I know. Except he is an Aggie, so that cancels out everything I just said.

We look forward to sharing all the details as they come along!



  1. My FAVORITE blof on the WEB!!!! :) Love you my sweet sweet Smash!


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