Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas Comes Early at the Future Dunaways

I will be leaving the Sunday of thanksgiving weekend for a 13 day program in Raleigh, North Carolina, so naturally I used this as a great excuse of why Christmas decorations needed to go up early... "But baaaaabe, I'll be gone half of December! I wont even get to enjoy the decorations.."

So up they went.

I have been waiting for this day since September (Hobby Lobby put out their Christmas goodies and I was there at lunchtime stocking up!) Yes, the check out lady hated me - but I cant help that I loved all of the individual ornaments, rather than pre-packaged ones!

We are also hosting a Santa Party/Jordan, Heather, & my birthday party on December 18th. Super looking forward to being able to share the holiday with our friends, share our birthdays, AND raise Toys for Tots.. So many great things, all in ONE!

Layla helping Daddy (of course, Heaven forbid she missed out on anything)

Making progress

And a bit more...

We have light!

All of my little children I spent so much time picking out.

Adding the Topper


This is the shelving unit - picture doesnt do it justice - you'll just have to come and see in person ;)

And our mantle - my FAVORITE part!!!

And my favorite little guy!

Now to tackle the outside and I am sure that I will add more as time goes by. So excited for our first Christmas officially living together and about to start our lives together!


On a totally separate note - the Aggies beat Tech AGAIN this year... that makes me 2 - 0 in this relationship. J is supposed to wear an A&M shirt while hanging my flag out front ... although I havent gotten him to do this - I was able to get him to do this:

I told him now that we will be getting married he can be part of the winning team by default. ;) It feels good to be #19 in the BCS, but it'll feel even better to beat Texas next week! Gig 'Em Aggies! BTHO Texas! Whoop!



  1. I love your tree! What a fun Christmas...about to start your married life together. Tell Raleigh I said "what's up!".

  2. Yay for Christmas .. 103.7 is playing Christmas music all the time now too- listen to is at work, brings me peace :) WOO!

  3. I love your mantle!! And your tree!! I am jealous, we cant put up decorations until we move but the tree will be the first thing out of the box!!


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