Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Wedding to Us!!!

In August I fell in love with a headboard at West Elm... I talked and talked about how amazing it was and how we HAD to have it. My parents so graciously gave us the money to buy it for one of our many wedding gifts (including the wedding itself)! I was so pumped! I headed to West Elm on a random day off.... little did I know they didn't open until 11 am.... waiting outside I ran through the list of things to buy: headboard, 2 lamps, bedding etc. I walked out with none of the above, but with my name on a list.

After months of stalking West Elm I FINALLY have my headboard!!!! (as yall know I have the lamps for the kitchen and dining room already, and I found a different bedding set)

I also wanted to add in my new favorite accessory - my ring holder!!!!

I love it!!! well... WE love it! yay!!!! getting so close to being done!!! :)

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