Monday, April 11, 2011

Bridal Luncheon

Well, we are a week out and it was time to celebrate my bridesmaids! I have an amazing group of women supporting me through this wedding. Katie has driven to Dallas more times in the past year than she probably has ever wanted to. Amber listens to my crazy talk and calms me down. Heather is always here to keep me laughing. Jenna is always so supportive and calming - a fabu listener. Jordan is constantly helping, and making the experience fun - she brought me a wedding CD this week and a wedding mag with Q&A about not stressing out! And Lorin has kept me sane at the office while I multitasked our job and my wedding. I am pretty sure at some point EVERYone said - I cant believe its HERE! Oh but it is! 5 days to go! My parents helped me create the "grown up tea party" as Jenna called it. the weather was perfect... a bit windy, causing some slight issues prior to everyone coming, but it all worked out! The "good stuff" desserts, champagne glasses and prezzies :) Love these ladies! (Missing Lo) My ladies & my 2 mommas. Well - not so sure if I will be blogging anymore this week, so the next time I post, I am pretty sure that I will be a married woman! CRAZINESS!!!! Photobucket

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