Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wedding Days: Rehearsal Dinner & After Party

Jarrett's Parents hosted an amazing Rehearsal Dinner at Mattito's in Uptown Dallas Friday night. It was PERFECT!

Supper Club! Dunaways (we're official now!), Masseys, Cabreras, & Tapellas

Zaky, Mom, Me, & Nana

Me and Nick - LOVE this kid!

Chara, me, and Amber - pretty girls!

Jordan, Amber, Scott, Matt, Lorin and Katie

Justin, Whitney, Ricky, Philip, Jenna, Kayla and Joe

My cousins Nicole and Randy with Zak

Boys! Chris, J, Branden, Travis and Blake

Bobby, Shirley, Jerry, The Niederkorns, The Seagos, and Marianne


Clearly Love was in the air!

My 2 oldest bestests from Chicago - Scott and Matt.. my brothers from other mothers

Enjoying having all of the best people in our lives in one place!

Ladies - Jenna, Heather, Me, Katie and Amber

We had a video made to play at the rehearsal dinner, which if you missed it, or would like to re-watch, please click HERE

Bobby's speech

So proud of Justin :)

Mrs. Massey being cute and funny, as always

And of course, Zaky the smart-ass... Pink Tickler what?!


And then we decided it was necessary to walk to the building next door, to Zodiac/Manhattan/Whatever the bar is called now - the girls and I have spent countless nights having dance party there. I should say now, my goal was to not drink much this night and to be in bed and asleep by midnight...

This is Jarrett's move... not moves, just move.

Love her

Oh yesss

I did manage to leave the bar by midnight.. to come back to the hotel, where my entire family had taken over the lobby bar. So of course, I partook in the celebration.

All of the Heeg Side of the men, plus J

And the ladies, missing my mom, who apparently thought it was cool to be responsible and go to bed or something

Overall, we had an UGH-Mazing night with our families, friends and each other. Although the boys went back out while I mingled with my family.

Needless to say, if you read my blog from yesterday, I had a bit too much fun Friday and Saturday morning was a bit rough. It was deja vu for me - I did the same thing at Kayla's wedding, as one of her bridesmaids. BUT what I can say is that the only one I regret is doing it at Kayla's wedding. Not my own - I had the BEST time and am glad I didnt miss out by sleeping.

Tomorrows edition: The Ceremony

Til then, Have a great day!


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