Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wedding Days

We're home! & we're married!

We have lots to share... rehearsal dinner, wedding day, honeymoon.... yowzas! Thats a lot of catching up... BUT I'll make it more painless (or more painful, whichever way you feel) by making the wedding a daily post for the next few days.

For today - I am going to post my top 10 things to do/dont do /suggestions for your wedding...

10. Everyone says it goes by so quickly. I always thought this was a cliche, or something only my girly girl friends that said this. BUT, IT.IS.TRUE. SO FAST. Enjoy every second and definitely step back every now and then and "soak it up"

9. Use my vendors - THEY ROCK! Memory Makers Photography, Its Your Night Entertainment, R.Love Design, Romano's Bakery, Avanti Fountain Place, Hima Pandya (Make-up), Cozy Cakery, Bo. If you dont use these vendors, thats cool, but always remember mine were better than yours ;)

8. Have Hair and Make-Up come to you. DO.NOT. go to them! Soooo less stressful!

7. If you are getting ready at a hotel, have a friend get a room on the same floor as your suite to be able to sneak away to. ::Katie Lane, you were my savior!::

6. Hire a wedding planner/day of planner or have a friend conducting everything that is happening on-site. You do not want to know what is going on downstairs. Its worth it. (I am starting to do this on the side, but I also know others who do this, so contact me if you have questions!)

5. You're bound to have a meltdown or two the week of the wedding/and/or the day of. Its ok. Admit it and move on.

4. If you're worried about your tan - do what you normally do, dont act any different. If you Versa, Versa. If you Mystic, Mystic. If you go see someone to get sprayed (while I highly recommend Jenna Avery) go get sprayed. Well, I guess what I mean is if your method works, do it. If you are like Ross on Friends, than maybe you need to seek advice from your most well tanned friend.

3. Dont drink too much on Friday (I maaaay have accomplished doing this both as a bridesmaid AND as a bride), but also be sure to enjoy your family and friends. Its one of the few times in life all of these people are in one place.

2. At the end of the night, your hair doesnt matter. Keep dancing.

1. Surround yourself with only the best friends in your bridal party. You will not regret it. I know that this point alone is what saved my day :)

Well, that my "food for thought" on weddings right now. Look for pictures from all of the festivities this week. I'll be bloggin :)

Happy Tuesday!


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  1. love this!! and love the shoutout!! I cant wait to hear about the honeymoon adventures :)


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