Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Always Playing Catch Up

At least that's how it feels these days... playing catch up at work, this blog, and just my personal life in general.. but if I wasn't this busy is would be complaining of boredom - pick your poison.
Its been weeks since I have actually blogged, but here is whats been hapennin'
1. I got to spend time with the babes & their momma last weekend. It was long overdue and reminded me how much me & the bestest love us some adult sleepovers!
2. Do you ever have OCD moments? I can live with clothes in baskets or an unorganized closet when my life is super busy, but then all of a sudden I wont be able to take it anymore... Well, it happened last Monday around 5:00 pm I decided it was a good time to start cleaning out the closet.. & One of my besties benefited from my purge :)

 3. We did DC - again! This time J met me & we did the city for 2 days.

I got to see an old dear friend!

Eisenhower Building, J got to see the Wright Plane, Lincoln Memorial, Alyssa&I, We saw the Declaration of Independence, J&I, Washington Monument, Texas Proud, National Mall

I'm from the "Land of Lincoln" so this guy has a special place in my heart

Washington Nationals Game - One of the coolest tailgate areas I have ever experienced!

 4. Literally the morning after we got home from DC I was off to New Jersey - where we did an awesome give back (New Bikes for the Children at the local Boys & Girls Club of America) this charity is near & dear to my heart; throughout college I volunteered at the B&G Club in Bryan - the kids were presh!

I travel... a lot. And barely experience any delays/cancellations/issues ::knock on wood:: but the one time I was at the airport 4 hours early.. my flight was delayed 3 hours, then we had a diversion to Nashville - although I got home at 2am I got home & I wont complain since its not a frequent happening.

5. The next day I went with my bestie since high school, Heather (&J) to see her new beau play an acoustic set at Ocean Prime

 6. We went out to Stan's on Lake Lewisville that weekend for the first time & had a great time

7. The next morning I was Rome-bound! && Here I am... working for the week, but come Friday its vacation time until Monday - looking forward to it!!

If you have any Rome suggestions - I am all ears! 

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