Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What have I been up to???

Clearly not blogging!
Here are some pics of what I have been up to - follow me on instagram @a_dway to keep up in a more timely fashion :)
My bro & his fab gf were in town 2 weekends ago - so J&I hosted them and my parents for dins. Lots of fun and laughter, per usual. LOVE this girl!
 HH with my best friend since High School - Heather.. always a good time. & looking forward to our next date night!

We celebrated J's 30th at his favorite steakhouse with his parents... it was beyond delish!

 We went to the Mesquite Rodeo this weekend

My absolute faaaaaaav Texas Country star - Pat Green - was in town. I have seen him dozens of times, and this was by far the most intimate and fun concert I have been to! So glad the weather ended up cooperating!

I was off Monday & met my mom and Nana for a birthday lunch with the most fabulous grandmother there is! Hanging with the two of them is by far one of my most favorite things to do. & so glad I was able to spend a few hours with them before I start my crazy month of May!
Happy Happy Nana! We love you!
& yes, we really did make her wear a blinking tiara - we're cool like that!
Happy Wednesday Yall!

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun to me!! Any way you spell it! Hahahaha! ;)


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