Monday, April 29, 2013

J's Dirty 30

Well, hellllooooo blogging world! Its been a while since we have chatted. I have been a bit busy and tied up between work & planning my hubs (last minute) 30th birthday party.
Originally, J didn't want a party. Didn't want to go on vacation. Nothing. Womp Womppppp - so boring, right?! If you know me at all, you know I love to throw a party and any excuse for one, It was sacrilegious that J wouldn't want a party for his 30th, and in my mind the only "ok" reason to not have one, is if my toes were going to be in the sand. But according to the hubs - that wasn't happening, so I wore him down and got to plan a PAR-TAAAAY!
And so the 'Dirty Thirty: Beer-B-Q' was born.
I found these amazing invites on Etsy and I rolled with the theme.
Here are some pics from the event - please forgive the not so professional photos. They truly don't do it justice - next time I will hire someone to come take pics - for the sake of my decorations, but also because I didn't take many photos of the guests either! #majorfail
The backyard - photo backdrop fail... there were supposed to be balloons across... which I clearly didn't get to!

Every man needs a beer cake once in life, right?!

All printables were made by Sarah at CKFireboots - she is fab!

My talented sister in law - helped me out with the Dirty Thirty Sign - LOVE!
Jarrett is very blessed with a lot of people who love him and came out to celebrate!
An extra big "THANK YOU!" to my bestest for her help (&keeping me sane) & Jordan for manning the grill for us! Yall are the best!

3 generations

the Dunaways

J's least favorite part of the night - Happpppyyy Birrrthday to yoooou!
Happy birthday, J! I hope this year is an unforgettable one! I love you!!


  1. You are one amazing wife!!!! The party looked amazing!!! My husband said no 30th bday party either...I should have just threw him one anyway haha.

  2. Ashley,

    My name is Sarah and I am throwing my husband a dirty thirty party in two weeks. You did an awesome job and I am using your blog as the theme! :) If there is anything you are willing to share or any words of advice I would love to hear it!



  3. Wow. I love this dirty thirty birthday party. Everything is so creative and chic. The wheel barrow, the koozies, everything! I just had to include your dirty thirty banner in my round up of dirty thirty ideas!

  4. Oh an the AMAZING beer cake too!!!


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