Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Its hard to believe that two years have already flown by! It truly seems like not long ago, we were celebrating with friends and family..
Memory Makers Photography
Happy, happy anniversary to the funniest, most caring, helpful, sweetest, best puppy daddy, my best friend & most patient man I know!
Memory Makers Photography
I love you and look forward to 100 more years with you XoXoXo
1st Anniversary - Trip to San Antonio; see post here
We took pics this weekend in honor of year numero dos... more to come on that :)
Captured by my talented Sister-in-law
If you have never read about our wedding or if you just want to reminisce you can check out the Ceremony here, The Reception here, The details here, and The people here.
can you teach me how to dougie?!
 Happy Anniversary, J!

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  1. You guys are adorable! Beautiful wedding photos! Happy Anniversary girly! :)


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