Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wedding Days: The People

My beautiful Ladies: Jordan, Jenna, Katie, Heather, Amber, & Lorin

The Boys: Travis, Chris, Justin, Zak, Blake & Branden

The whole group - yeah we hold up traffic :)

My 2 bestests: Matt & Scott

Our Officiant: Jerry "The Bishop" Niederkorn

The whole "Lallaway" group
Lally/Cerza Family: Lauren, Aunt LizAnn, Uncle John, My grandparents (Doris & Ed) & Melissa

Marotta Fam: Danielle, Nick, Aunt Rhonda, Uncle Phil, Nicole, Randy and Raquel

The Heeg Family: Uncle Arty, Aunt Vanessa, Amber, Aeryk, & Arthur

Cousins + Tina.... I bet you cant guess that I grew up wanting to be JUST like Danielle :)

We had a CRAZY dance group - Perfection in my opinion

Overall - amazing people in one place... only sad that I dont have more pictures of all the friends that were there & more of J's fam. I only stole what I could off of FB, so if you have more pictures send them my way!!!!


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