Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Week in Review (+Some)

1. We went to one of our favs - Kobe Steakhouse to celebrate J's big 1 "monthaversary" of no smoking. It was delish! Then we met Jenna and Whit at Champps for a drink and to watch the first half of the Mavs game...

2. That weekend we headed out to The Taste of Addison. Despite stepping on a nail (& needing a tetanus shot the following Monday) we had a great time with Heather and Branden

3. After The Taste, the boys watched the Mavs game and I joined the ladies in a little dance sesh at Blackfinn for a few hours.

4. This past weekend came along and we headed out to the Byron. Jack Ingram played on Friday night. Amber, Jordan and I decided to be groupies and migrate our way to the stage. After about 10 minutes, Jack himself came off the stage and let us into the little gated area by the stage :)

And a few songs into it, he then brought us up on stage for a little "Barefoot and Crazy"

Jarrett took pictures of us on the jumbo-tron (2 years in a row baby! haha)

Group shot! Cabreras, Dunaways, Masseys & Soon-to-Be Dunaways - so fun! 5. While I was out at Amber's foodie photoshoot for Chocolate Broccoli, my parents came by and helped J put in a dimmer in the dining room for our new light that Mom & Dad Dunaway put up the weekend before.. and as I have told you all before, 1 project is NEVER enough for Scotty - so up went the new track lighting in the kitchen! Yaaaay! Getting updated all over the place!

6. Sunday Funday/Pretty Ricky's Birthday! We headed out to Sneaky Petes for some sunshine, volleyball, & beers with great friends.

My parents frequent Sneaky's during the summer, and were more than happy to put Ricky into the hamster wheel after he had plenty of beers in him. Pretty Sure we all found it very comical...

Even Ricky.... after he stopped looking like he was going to vomit - hahah!

Bestest :)

All in all a pretty good 2 weeks! We may be heading down to Houston to visit Zaky this weekend :)

Happy Tuesday - GO MAVS! (Lebron... I still love you)


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