Saturday, June 4, 2011

Life Well Lived

Thanks to good old facebook, I have been inspired by an old Car Hop friend, Lindsay to create this post - The originator of the idea a girl named Kelsey (who I dont even know... seems creepy, but her idea is so inspiring!) puts this weekly post like this:

"I’d been confronted with bucket lists, and other means of stacking up a bunch of hope and expectations, that there is no promise will ever come true. I LOVE dreaming, and making goals. I think that is a wonderful part of life. I certainly have my own list of things I hope I accomplish before I die. But I hope that I can leave behind, even if I died today, a collection of memories, and one-of-a-kind adventures that I’ve already experienced. Think of this as the other side of a bucket list. I’m calling it, a Life Well Lived list."

So inspiring yet so intimidating. What have I done that is special enough to share? The thought sure does get your mind spinning of all the things you do want to place on your bucket list, and hope to get a lot of those things done sooner than later. Maybe the point of this blog isnt that every item on the list is overly amazing, but more of the idea that small, daily things are amazing and blessings given to us. I am going to try to share a few items every Sunday (albeit today is Saturday, but moving forward I'll post on Sundays).

Well, let's kick this thing off...

1. One of the most important things in my life happened during college. I started at Texas A&M as a psychology major, during my second-ish year I took a sociology course as an elective. I thought it would be an easy peasy "A" and then I would move on. I NEVER expected to be so moved by one course. So moved that once the semester was over I changed my major to sociology. All of a sudden every day, every lecture was so much more interesting to me, papers we so easy to write, and going to class wasnt so bad. I had finally found my passion.

2. I graduated college in '07. Pretty much everyone accomplishes this these days, but its still a major feat in life. My mom is a hairstylist and my dad has his degree, but he accomplished that later in life, which is a feat within itself in my opinion! I did not finish in 4 years, but I can honestly say that I am glad that it all panned out the way that it did. It ended up being perfect timing for me and my future career.

3. Let's do an old school accomplishment. All growing up (through high school) i played soccer. When I lived in Chicago I played on a competitive team that pretty much dictated my life. Maybe dictated is a bad word to use? It was certainly not a bad thing. I had the best of friends, we traveled the state and even to Arizona for tournaments, and it was a whole lotta fun! In 1996 (I was in 6th grade) we won the State Championship. We got to sport out "Illinois State Champion" jackets to school, had our city, Hoffman Estates dedicate a day to us etc. Such a cool thing to experience at such a young age! Unfortunately I cant seem to find any pictures from back then, except for this one - cute huh?!

Well that will be my first Life Well Lived post - I hope you enjoyed & I hope that YOU in turn start writing your own Life Well Lived posts, and if you do, tell me and I would LOVE to follow. Honestly its fun to think back, and realize there are some cool things that have already happened, and it sure does make you think about what you can do in the future.



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