Friday, June 17, 2011

Just Fishin'

I think most of you know how close I am to my parents - and luckily my husband enjoys his time with them as well. We try to see them often, which isn't always the case, but since I have not been traveling as much lately, we have seen them a bit more than usual.

One night we were at my parents and my mom mentioned this song in passing and once I looked it up I completely understood why she even mentioned it!

So, in the spirit of Father's Day - here we go!

My dad and I started fishing when I could walk, talk and had a bit of coordination. We used to go to let me mom sleep in. I used to name the worms and play with them - yes, its true this girly girl was not afraid of wormies. I fished with my dad until I can remember, well I can remember...

The last time I fished with my dad, I was about 12. We were in Wisconsin at a lake house. Scotty Potty, Zak and me in a little fishing boat. A bee is flying around and then LANDS on my leg (minor detail - I am terrified of bees. Like, run like a banchee while screaming, terrified of bees). I stand, screaming and doing this pathetic thing with my hands that I have done since my parents can remember, ROCKING the boat. Not minor rocking, I mean like, 'holy shit the boat is going to tip over' rocking the boat. My mom is videotaping from shore laughing hysterically, my dad is yelling and my brother is well... quiet. Shocker.

Good news, I didn't tip over the boat. The bad news, I don't think I was ever invited to fish again.

((Pathetically the only picture of fishing we could find))

((My Dad built me this sandbox a long long time ago))

((Proud Papa))

((Still have a fun and wonderful relationship))

Scotty still says that the conversations we had while fishing are some of the best; but I strongly believe that some of our late night, Lally Family, drinking nights maaaay come close to those fishing conversations. :)

I am truly blessed with such an amazing father, someone who can be one of my best friends, and someone that will unconditionally love me, and well, I love him! Happy Father's Day Scotty Potty!!! I may need to get my fishing license and throw a line with you soon!


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