Monday, June 20, 2011

My New Hobby

Those that know my husband, know the man does not like to eat anything foreign, or anything that he did not grow up eating... Although I will vouch that he has willingly been much more open minded, I tend to think it's more fun to sneak foods he dislikes past him unknowingly......

Here is a status gone conversation on Facebook that literally had me dying laughing:

Wednesday, June 15, 8:14 pm - Ashley Dunaway:
"J just ate spinach, yams, and mushrooms. Muah hahahahahahahahah :)"

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Wednesday, June 15, 8:33 pm- Katie Lane:

"Our baby boy is growing up so fast!!"

Wednesday, June 15, 9:32 pm, Justin Dunaway:

Thursday, June 16, 7:45 am, Jordan Erwin:
"^^^ See what I have to deal with?"

Thursday, June 16, 7:59 am, Ashley Dunaway:

"I chop things small enough he doesnt really know :)"

Friday, June 17, 1:53 pm, Jarrett Dunaway:

"There was spinach in that damn lasagna!!! Oh boy, I feel sick!"

Friday, June 17, 1:54 pm, Ashley Dunaway:

"You thought it was basil inside, the only basil was on top hahahahahahaha"

This is where the FB post ends... but J then texted me becuase that night I made him take one more "Big Bite" with everything and he realized how much I must have enjoyed this moment.

& its true - I did love that moment... A LOT.

& yes its also true, it took the man TWO DAYS before knowing what he ate... not only that but he only found out because of Facebook... I mean... really?!

He likes the food, he doesnt like the idea of eating it.. so as you can see, I have a new hobby on my hands.... see what I can feed J without him knowing.... ohhhhh the possibilities are endless!

Happy Monday!


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