Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I am fully aware that everyone is over our wedding (as you should be... we've been married over 2 months now.. we're OLD news! & we have a lot more exciting things going on)

HOWEVER, I am currently in Orlando right now on a 600 person meeting, and tonight we got done early [YES, 8pm is early], so I came up to my room, logged onto FB for the first time in quite a few days, and checked my blogger to catch up on my favorite blogs! And I happened to find out that we were blogged about.. TWICE today!
The first blog I found, was published by my garter vendor, The Garter Girl. Short & sweet, yet still exciting! You can read the blog HERE. The "garter girl", Julianne, was so great to work with. So friendly, and did exactly what I wanted! I would highly recommend her for all brides, no matter your style, she does it all!

The second blog I saw was published by The K.I.S.S. Real Wedding Blog. My photographer, Brittany, from Memory Makers Photography submitted our photos/story. [dont hate on my name dropping!] I adore this blog - I didnt even provide any information to them, and all of their talking points are amazing and I feel like they just "got" my idea/vision/style/intent!

Anywho!!! I just wanted to share this exciting news... Hope you all have a great week!

Good-bye for now from not so sunny Orlando!

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