Friday, July 1, 2011

A New Adventure

Before I headed off to my 600 person meeting in Orlando, I had the honor of helping the NEW Mrs. Tanis Welch (technically DOCTOR Welch) - Formally Miss Tanis Herr - with her wedding day. My soon-to-be sister in law Jordan helped me execute the day - which went pretty dang well in my opinion!

The Beautiful Bride
Here are some of the details that made Tanis' day perfect!

Me in action - trying to pin on the ring bearer's boutineer - clearly he isnt having it!

My Diva Bride - l.o.v.e. her!
(Unfortunately, my camera died before the reception... wedding planner fail?!)

While planning my wedding, I absolutely fell in love with it - by helping brides execute their weddings, I get to re-live it multiple times - its perfect!

For Tanis, I had multiple meetings with her, walk throughs for her venues, conducted her rehearsal, we ran day of errands, helped set the ceremony/reception, ran the ceremony, helped throughout the reception and helped gather everything when the bride was off! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Tanis & Quinn for letting us have our first wedding planner experience!

It was so fun and I LOVED working with JoJo.. its basically taking what I do for a living, and putting it towards weddings... quite possibly could be a match made in heaven! Jordan and I someday will be planning weddings, showers and parties for people for a living... such an amazing dream and hopefully a reality for us.

We have been thinking about names of our someday company... somehow we need to mesh modern with vintage.... whatever we come up with the company itself will be UGH-mazing...

So if you know anyone who is looking for help with the planning of their wedding, or just a day of planner to run their special day, send them our way and we will be MORE than happy to help in any way we can!


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