Saturday, July 16, 2011

Broken Bow Bonanza '11

We are taking our amazing Supper Club peeps:

To this amazing venue: Broken Bow cabin!

The idea started at the Tapella's 4th of July party... normal groups.. this is all talk. "We should do a weekend get away - it would be so fun!" Most groups - "Yeah" "For Sure" "Definitely"

The next weekend we were at the Massey's and the first topic of discussion: Broken Bow Bonanza. The boys researched before and after dinner.

Then we found out that J's mom had a friend with this amazing cabin ((above)) and it is where we will be convening the last weekend in September - cannot wait!

private pond we can fish on

perfect patio! Football Season!!! YAY!

beautiful kitchen for us to hang out and cook in - loves it!
I have never in my life seen 8 people coordinate a calendar and set an event as quickly as this happen. I cant wait - I think it will be a perfect weekend full of fabulous friends, yummy food, fun nights, football games, and fires. Cant ask for much more!


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