Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July Weekend

As you all know, I was in Orlando last week - I got home Friday afternoon, we had a relaxing night, then Saturday we jumped into the busy weekend!

Heading off to the Tapellas

Miss Jacqueline was perfectly creative from the moment you arrived to their home!

The Dessert Table - the boys thoroughly enjoyed & I just couldn't believe every detail she accomplished with a 2 week old - she is Wonder Woman. Period.

Me & the Bestest

Enjoying some pool time!

Giant Jenga - We DEFINITELY need one of these at our house!

The Boys

Sweet Parents

Sweet Baby Landon - He is the most precious baby! I cannot wait to have a little down time with this little man during supper club on Friday!

And then these 3 saw a dish of gumballs, and had a strike of brillance... how many gumballs can you put in your mouth... sweet Amber managed to 10.. the boys to 16... my lock jaw was popping just watching these shananigans!
Sunday we headed out to Dallas to celebrate Miss Whitney's birthday.
Happy Birthday Boo!

Myself, Whit & Allison

Add in JoJo!

Hubs! ( yes my hat is all messed up... you can thank that to my packing skills)

brothers :)


Then it was off to Kaboom Town in Addison - although the fireworks were great... the normally 10 minute drive home turned into almost 2 hours... therefore, I will not be an annual go-er... unless we get a hotel :)

Monday we headed out to my parents for dinner
Debs table all festive!

Debbie & Scotty Potty
Overall an amazing, busy weekend... coming up this week.. Marc Broussard concert, Supper Club and who knows what else we will get into this weekend :)

((PS - I am really struggling with the new formatting of blogger... so pardon my crazy picture placement.. I am done fighting with the computer for the evening!))

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  1. UMMM.. Where did you GET you hat?!!! Gimme gimme!! : I Wuv You


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