Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Preparing for the 3rd Annual Dunaway Beer Olympics

Dunaway Beer Olympics 2011!

Its almost that time of year again.. well 2 months away, but preparations have begun! For those of you who are foreign to the whole concept here's a brief background:

One random Wednesday in Septmeber 2009, Jarrett, Branden, Lorin and myself met at Champps for a good old Happy Hour. It was the usual banter, and the questions of 'What are we going to do this weekend?' I said that I wanted to do something active, not just sit around and drink.. so we joked about kickball and other random activities, then Lorin had a moment of brilliancy - beer olympics. And the games just started flowing... let me remind you all, this is WEDNESDAY, we wanted to do beer olympics that weekend. And you know me, parties are always thrown in a "Go BIG or go home" type fashion. Jarrett and I set out to find supplies, decided on games, stayed up all night creating the trophies. And so, Dunaway Beer Olympics was born.

Soon J will be dressed like this, stretching and training for the BIG day

1st Annual Beer Olympics Competitors (clearly post-games)

2nd Year Contestants (again... post games)

For the first year we were awfully ambitious.. I think we had about 7 or 8 games we intended on playing... after about 5 it was hard to get everyone to cooperate. Last year we skimped it down to 6, I think. This year we have decided to go with 5 - seems like the golden number...

With no further ado - Here are the Dunaway Beer Olympics 2011 Official Games:

1. Beer Pong Tournament

2. Down n Dixie (A personal fav, Team Sweden always excels!)

3. Home Run Derby (Let's all pray Jarrett doesnt freak out on me this year)

4. Bags Tournament

 5. The last game is TBD - We have to wait and see what Scotty Potty is able to create by the time the games begin :)

The coveted koozi medals - what its ALL about

We are really upping the anty this year with kegs, pizza, special little things here and there AND the best part is, not only will it be a day of fun with our friends, but we are also raising money for the Special Olympics.

So if you're interested in joining in on our Day of Fun just let us know and we will send you the registration form :)


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