Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Chef Boyardee-way


I recieved an email late last night from J - the subject line? Chef Boyardeeway The content? Copy and paste this to our blog as my frist entry!!! The 3 exclamations obviously show his enthusiasm. Then my phone goes off again. Blackberry Messenger - J - So I dont really know how to blog so I just sent you a microsoft word document (is there any other kind of word document?) that I want you to copy and paste to our blog so it can be my first entry. He obviously was very serious about getting this blog posted. But silly him to think he could send me his blog and I would just cut and paste it in there without sharing my 2 cents with you all as well :)

So……. I have never posted anything on our blog before and I decided that tonight was the night to break me in fresh.  That’s because I did something that my lovely amazing, smart, beautiful, sexay wife would never believe!  Well……. two things:

1)       I ate pork, and

2)       I cooked the pork that I ate!

Now, you might think that this is no big deal, but in fact, I hate pork (except bacon.  I LOVE me some bacon)(He's stretching the truth.. he often eats port chops, tenderloin AND pulled pork... OH! and ribs.. so although in his mind he "hates" pork, he actually just doesnt like ham or sausage).  And I hate cooking pork, or anything, more than that!  (When I moved in we agreed that he would cook twice a month... inevitably this doesn't ever happen, and when he is in charge of dinner, its of the frozen assortment - pizza, lasagna, etc.)

I got inspired on Saturday night when Ashley and I went on a date to Kenny’s Italian Kitchen in Addison.  The first thing our waiter said to us was, “Oh my gosh, I am so nervous.  You are the bald asshole from Masterchef!”  (What he really said was "I was so nervous when I saw you over at the bar waiting at your table, I thought you were that bald asshole from that show with Gordon Ramsey, but clearly you're not") For those of you who don’t know, my true doppelganger is Gordon Ramsey’s sidekick on the television show Masterchef.

So to prove that cooking is my destiny and to show off my amazing culinary skills, I present you with my homemade Sweet & Spicy Pepper Pork Chops (I marinated the pork for him days before and insisted he could make this on his own)!

Step 1 – The Ingredients

Step 2 – My amazing knife skills on the vegetables and parsley

Step 3 – Frying the pork chops (I hope this pan has since been cleaned out and not sitting on the stove top still..... Jarrett?!)

Step 4 РSaut̩ the bell peppers and cherry peppers

Step 5 – If I have learned anything from Masterchef, or all of those Food Network shows that I watch with Ash, it’s all about the presentation!

Step 6 – All gone!

I never cook anything, EVER, but I have to say that was an amazing dish!  And I can’t believe I did it all by myself (I didn’t even slice my finger open this makes me cringe! or cause a massive fire!)

So, in closing, I can’t wait to make this delicious dish for my beautiful wife.  The good thing is that I have 14 days to perfect it before she will be home!  But I do hope they go by fast.  I miss you and love you baby!

I dont think he meant for this to be posted, but its in the MICROSOFT word document so I am just following instructions

PS:  You will be so proud of me.  I am being self sufficient and eating more than just frozen pizzas every night!


Your Handsome Hubby

Even though I poke fun, I really am proud of him for not only cooking, but cooking something out of his comfort zone! Maybe by the time I get home he will have learned enough dishes to actually cook twice a week!!!!


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