Monday, August 8, 2011

What's Been Happenin'

With the Dunaways for about the past... oooohhh 16 days?!

1. I made it to Terranea. Although it was a long program with not so much down time.. this was my view daily... can't complain, right?

And on the plus side, being on central time in Cali, allows for little hikes in the mornings withmy friends!

2. Do you remember Molly and Jason from the Bachelor?? You know... Shady McShady who traded his choice?! Well this is where the rainfall wedding took place! ((Or so they say))

 3. My main squeeze made week 2 cheerful for me! Everyone knows my love for tulips...


4. J had a work event... think he missed me?! ((& yes, there is no surprise in picture #3))

5. JoJo's Bachelorette Invites came in! EEEK! So fun!

6. I came home to my momma's pasta... in my own home! First point... this means your always your momma's baby, even if youre approaching 30 and married. Second point... Debs didnt have the confidence in J... she had him put out the crock pot... came over today (her day off) put the sauce and meatballs in, took out a pot placed pasta she brought over in it.. set out bread she brought... and asked J if we had wine... almost positive she would have provided us some had he said we didnt have any.. haha! ((By the way this is a favorite meal for me.. extra points debbie, extra points!))

7. On Saturday, Boog turned 4. She has a bad Daddy... he forgot... but we made up for it tonight... although she clearly is hating the hat..

She did get some fab cupcakes though!

It was a busy 2 weeks... I am so happy to be home... and crazily I am welcoming the heat. The coast was a little chilly for this Texas girl! Looking forward to this week - Meeting Mr. Jaxx Stancil, Supper Club, the Circus.... :)

Have a fab week!!!

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  1. Glad you survived and the coming home is always the most rewarding!
    One day you will look back and be thankful for all the once in a lifetime experiences....and look at a baby and wonder when you get to go back to such fabulousness! Cheers!! Hope to see you soon! Xoxo


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