Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sweet Baby Jaxx is Here!

Jaxx Jaiden Stancil
6lbs. 13oz.

Jaxx is an absolutely perfect baby boy with a full head of hair! He literally did NOT make one peep while I was there!  (6 hours old below)

On my way to the hospital, I started thinking about the night I drove to meet Kai.. and how it DOES NOT seem like almost 2 years ago (yes, this may be denial of how time is passing by). Then I walked into the room and met Jaxx and it was a serious case of De Ja Vu!

Jaxx is on the left and Kai on the right... if they weren't 2 years apart, they could have been twins!

Me with the beautiful babies!

One thing that we know for sure is Daniel & Kelly make some beautiful babies - look at this precious 1st brother pic! I have a feeling these two will be trouble!

Congratualtions Stancil Family! We love you guys!


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