Sunday, August 21, 2011

Looking Forward...

To no longer seeing these types of posts on FB..

Or the good old dashboard reading over 100... Looking forward to this sweltering heat to disappear ((yes, I am the same girl welcoming the heat when coming home from my California trip just over a week ago))

Looking forward to - Football Season

My Aggies

And of course our 'Boys
 Especially looking forward to these 2...

 Looking forward to these 2 getting married (I know, I say it often.. but its exciting!)

Looking forward to nights in and a fire going in the background

Looking forward to putting this bad boy to work with some chili or other yummy slow cooker recipes
Looking forward to the holidays starting

Looking forward to patio Happy Hours and Dinners... Red Wine nights.. Hot Chocolate mornings....

Come on Fall - let's get a move on... I am O.V.E.R. sum-sum-summa time!


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