Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday: Kitchen Gadgets

I live in our kitchen. Its what I look forward to doing after work... well most days. Here are a few items I l.o.v.e. in my kitchen cabinets & drawers...

1. Kitchenaid Mixer - It is helping me learn to bake. Anything that can assist with this process is a winner in my book!

2. Salad Dressing Mixer - I just so happen to make my own Caesar Salad Dressing (a healthier version) and this little guy makes topping our salads so much easier.. I liiiiiike!
 3. Avacado Slicer - Although not used daily, when avacado is on my menu, this guy is ugh-mazing. The top part helps remove the pit and the bottom is the slicer. Yum!
 4. Lemon Squeezer - I use this constantly! I love lemons in lots of things, and this optimizes how much juice I get out of each one! ((clearly this is also used for limes.. I have even used it for small oranges while making Sangria!))
 5. Wine Pourer - Ah, and who can forget about this little one... Not only does he help pour and aerate my wine, he also helps save it. The lever on the side closes off and keeps the wine for round 2!

I have plenty more goodies in my cabinets and drawers.. and I am sure you will hear about them at some point, but these are just some current favs that I am thankful for making my kitchen life a little easier.

((& yes, if you are wondering why I used guy and he in this blog; it is literally how J&I talk about our kitchen gadgets. I'll ask for the 'lemon guy' or 'that guy'.. so, we're weird. But at least we're on the same page!)) 


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  1. I need to get a salad dressing maker thingy, 'She' is so cute :)

    I make my own dressings, but shaking it in a plastic jar is mush less professional-like.


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