Monday, August 29, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday: DFF Swan Edition

I work with some amazing ladies, and for that I am seriously thankful.
Almost 4 years ago (WOW, I can't believe that its been that long!) I started working full time at Dallas Fan Fares. We have about 15 girls that work in our Operations Department that I interact with daily... we have a whole sales division that travel with us sometimes, and then we have about 60 part-time employees who travel on our programs with us. Some of them we see quite often... That would be our Hildes, Nans and Temarras...
As the years have gone by, I have had many friends come and go. Most recently my last "pledge sister" Lorin left me. Not only did she leave me at DFF, but she even left the state... but thankfully an Altanta program is in my near future and we will be reunited at least for a day! Clearly, I'm excited.. and side-tracking.

Back to topic... I can honestly say that the dynamics in the office right now are the best they have ever been. We all get along personally and professionally. There isn't that person I dont want to work with in the office; not that there ever has been, but most people cant say that about their workplace. When we are on program, we are up to all hours of the night... working and sometimes just chatting it up.. as if we don't spend enough time together already.
When problems or hiccups arise.. we help each other get things done. The president of our company likes to call us her swans - we do everything others can see gracefully, but under the water we are fast and furiously paddling to make us float. Its actually a quite true metaphor... A lot of people dont have the luxury of true teamwork, but I really do.

We do happy hour, that almost always turns into happy hours. When I tell J that I have a HH with the girls, he often teases me by asking if he will need to pick me up, which I quickly retort with a "NO!"... and more than likely thats a lie.

When thinking about writing this post, I went to my pictures, facebook, even our work server to show you these fabulous girls... and well.. I have very few? Is it a little ridiculous to you that I spend probably equal or more time with these ladies, between in the office, on the road and for fun as my husband and a barely have any pictures? I think it is...the below are mostly old, but now I know that we need to take more pictures when were all together!
A little bit old school - Debbie, Haley and Myself on a Dallas Program

Mandy, Jennifer, & I - San Francisco Trolly Ride

HAHA! I stole this from Jenna.. Jenna, Christine & Kasey J Orlando
((& if you are wondering, yes, we wear these on a normal basis))

Amy, Jaclyn, Kasey H & I on our Duck Tape Cannon
I am super thankful for these ladies.. especially this week! What are you thankful for?


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