Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Per usual, the bestie has inspired me.. I read her "Thankful Thursday" blog over a month ago, and it got me to thinking. Right away I knew I wanted to jump on her bandwagon.. I literally text her that I would be stealing the idea as I finished reading.

And then my crazy, all over the place life got to moving again and blogging has been put to the way-side. BUT as I am sitting here on a Wednesday Night with not all that much to do, except watch re-runs of NCIS (not that I'm complaining) and cook the hubs dinner, I have decided to make my first post..

Thankful Thursday: Family Edition

First things, first - those are some damn sexy people in that photo. And luckily for us each one of them is a huge part of our lives. Our families have made each of us who we are, and clearly our families are absolutely amazing, how else would have turned out this outstanding?!

Ok - I'll cut the sarcasm (although all statements above are true) and get to the knitty-gritty of it all.

Justin & Jordan: We are so blessed to have J&J just a hop, jump and skip away from us. We all get along so well, and its always refreshing to just hang out with them and not really have to worry about "entertaining" our guests. Justin and Jarrett have a crazy close bond, and Justin has started talking constantly around me, therefore our relationship is fab. Jordan is going to be an amazing sister. We already make quite the duo, and its so, so great to have someone completely relate to any and all situations that we are going through.

Zaky: With Zak living in Houston, every time we see him, its a reminder of how much we miss him! He is someone tha constantly keeps us laughing and someone who can also just hang out and not need to be entertained. Zaky's laugh is contagious and we love spending time with him.

Our Parents: Both sets of our parents are ridiculously supportive, and somehow that is an understatement. We are both extremely close to our parents. They support us just through the day to day of life. They support us when random things come up.. this week in particular, J had a fender bender and Marianne was able to come pick him up and take him back to work while I was in a meeting.. Bobby & Marianne gave up a car so J has one to drive while his is in the shop. Also this week, I complained to my mom about how RUDE the lady at the dentist office was to me, and my Dad took care of her for me. HAHA! Yes - we are both approaching 30, and yes, we are married. And yes, our parents will forever help/protect us. And for that we will constantly be thankful.

They have instilled values, morals and a great amount of love in each of us, and all we can hope is that we are able to show the same love and support to our ::someday:: children. And hopefully by that time they can stop worrying about us and just spoil the grandbabies rotten.
During the planning of our wedding - our parents were just purely amazing. They gave us a perfect day, that we will always remember. So Mom & Dad, Lally and Dunaway here's a little thank you for that in case we didn't express it enough -

We are also truly grateful for all the help and moral support you have given us over the last year. The run up to the wedding was a hectic time, however, you were always there for us when we needed you. You gave advice, supported us and calmed our last minute nerves, put up with our stressful attitudes (clearly that was ME in particular!) and you all provided us with a wedding that everyone still talks about and will talk about for a long long time - thanks a million for all of your love and support!

Most Important: Our families all get along. We do holidays. We do BBQs. They do things on their own. It is so awesome. And we are truly blessed because there are a lot of couples out there that do not have this luxury!

Family is what we are MOST thankful for... what are you thankful for?


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