Wednesday, July 6, 2011

This Week's Accomplishments

As I shared last month, I have a NEW HOBBY - seeing what I can get J to eat when he would typically refuse... 3 things have already been accomplished this week...

1. Spinach Salad - yes, thats right, he knew he was eating spinach... but it had bacon on it; therefore acceptable... now I can tell you he refused to eat the hard boiled egg, but we're getting there

2. Avocado - I made chicken tostados this week... I couldn't get him to eat the refriend beans BUT I did convince him to use my avocado salsa as his topping!

3. Mushrooms - the previous 2 items J is aware of eating... tonight I made a chicken pasta. He questioned the basil (thought it was spinach) and the orange peppers (thought this was butternut squash or yams) but I clearly chopped the mushrooms small enough for him not to question them in the sauce.

Our little boy is growing up! Although, he is much more suspicious of my cooking these days, which makes it more difficult to pull a fast one on him... but I'll keep trying... for those who know me, know I l.o.v.e. a challenge!


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