Friday, July 8, 2011

Holy New Crush!

Dear Mark Broussard,

With that out in the open, I should probably regress and give some background on where this even grows from... When I met Jarrett (almost 2 years ago) he introduced me to Marc Broussard, a soulful Louisiana boy.. A year and a half ago we went to see Marc in Fort Worth - we loved the show! We even selected one of his songs for our private dance at our wedding...

And this is what  he looked like back then.....

We found out he was coming to the House of Blues this week... he came on stage and looked this this:

"Well HELLO, Mr. Marc Broussard, sexy pants." - My first comment (or something close to it) to Jarrett. Thankfully my husband is not one of the jealous kinds, and encouraged my crush (I am 99.9% sure he has a man crush on him too)

 And then, he sat down in the stage, and yes I was infatuated enough to push my way up to the front and snap this pic....

I also took a bunch of videos... but most of them are ruined, ahem, I mean "beautified" by Jarrett's singing... Here is the end of the song that J and I danced to at our wedding... If the motion makes you nauseous (another thank you to J-Dawg), you can check out the entire song HERE (dont ask me what the dating service logo is for...).

So now, I am pretty sure that I will be more than happy to attend a Marc Broussard concert pretty much everywhere.. and I swear his music is amazing (his sexiness is just a bonus!)


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