Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up/Dessert Disaster

We will start with our weekend wrap up :)

Thursday night started off my weekend - VERY nicely if I might add.. We went to the Marc Broussard concert with the Cabreras (If you missed my ::swoon:: blog from Friday - feel free to catch yourself up HERE)

The Cabreras - we l.o.v.e. them!

So happy

Hey boo! :)
 Friday evening we had Supper Club at the Masseys. Amber has started posting our evenings on Chocolate Broccoli as well as in their personal blog.

Love these ladies - so thankful for them in my life!
Saturday J worked a garage sale with his parents while I ran all over town doing errands and grocery shopping. We both took a short nap before we headed out to Justin and Jordan's for a little J3A time ((I use this term a lot; for those that don't know almost 2 years ago at the State Fair we got some amazing t-shirts made that said 'Homies 4 Life' on the front and 'J3A'  on the back - J3A = Justin, Jordan, Jarrett, Ashley - yes I am odd man out but thats ok with me!))

JoJo and I made yummy raspberry mojitos... we may be giving Houlihan's a run for their money! Plus I think that the mason jars automatically made them taste better.

We had salad, grilled kabobs, corn on the cob, and J&J made yummy fruit kabob dessert & ice cream with Justin's 15 minute ice cream maker.. that the boys hid from us. Jordan has pictures of all the yumminess that she plans to post, so you'll need to stalk The Soon To Be Dunaways to see them all.

We all begged Jarrett to try hummus... he said the only way he would try is if Justin (just as picky of an eater) tried it. Little did he know.. Justin eats hummus on a regualr basis. Bummer, J! Here is the picture I snapped after Justin fed him his pita chip full of roasted red pepper hummus...

I guess hummus won't be on our "success" list - haha! 

On to Sunday:

Jarrett worked in the yard, fixed some of our sprinklers with Bobby, and all that good stuff. I finished up grocery shopping, did laundry, made the boys burgers, and then set off to accomplish a dessert.

In case you don't know, I can cook my pants off. I, however, cannot bake worth a damn. Jarrett bought me an Easy Bake Oven because he thinks he is funny, and because I cant even make pre-made cookie dough come out right.

I look at all these party planning blogs all the time and they have these amazing dessert tables, cute cakes, cupcakes, candies, etc. Now, dont get me wrong, I have had my successes - S'more cupcakes, cookies, apple crisp. Actually, my apple crisp is AWESOME, maybe because there isn't much baking chemistry involved. As you all know, we are involved in Supper Club with the Masseys, Cabreras & Tapellas. Which means every 4 months or so we host dins at our house. Like I said before, I can cook dinner, no sweat. What do I stress about?? Dessert! And as much as I would like to make them apple crisp every single time they come over, thats not very exciting, now is it? Soooo, I have decided to conquer my fear/dessert skill deficiency this year.

First up on my list to conquer - Cake Ball Pops (on nearly every damn blog I look at)

1. Get your favorite cake and bake according to directions on the box (or if you're really skilled you can make them from scratch, clearly I am not at that point yet):

2. Let Cool

3. Get out all of your decor pieces:

4. Using a large bowl break up your cake. Add in half of the container of frosting and continue to crumble.

5. Roll the cake into 1 inch cake balls

6. Melt down your baking chocolate

7. Dip your lollipop stick in the frosting and stick into your cake ball. The frosting will act as glue to hold onto your cake ball.

8. The coat the lollipop cake balls in the chocolate and coat with sprinkles. They should look like this

Mine, on the other hand, fell apart when I tried coating them in the icing. After about 5 or 6 attempts I quit. But my sweet husband is eating the non-icing dipped cake balls (probably not because they taste good, but because he feels bad for me - ha!) Although I will say, I feel like I may have had dessert success had I just left it at cake.

Moving forward I may need to start smaller and work my way up to fancy schmancy desserts like cake ball pops!


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