Monday, May 9, 2011

Fishy Paradise

For Mothers Day we had my parents, J's parents, Justin, JoJo & my grandparents over for a BBQ. It was absolutely perfect, minus the fact that I didnt take any pictures... FAIL! I am really good at that.

As you all know we have our pond, and our fishies who have grown from 19 cent itty bits to thinking they were koi, survived two freezes, and J would probably claim them as children if he were able.

And for those of you who know my Dad, good ole Scotty Potty, he's real OCD and once he has something in his mind. It.IS.Happening.

Well on this beautiful Mother's Day, Scotty decided our pond needed a cleaning out. In Scotty's defense, the pond had not been cleaned out properly since, well... it was created. However, Jarrett was confused on what Mothers' Day meant. It wasnt Jarrett relaxes, and as he claimed "wanted to drink beer & do nothing", it was lets get this done today, while the ladies watch.. well except for me, I helped :)

So the fishys went from this water hell:

To this beautiful fishy paradise

J may have not wanted to do it on Sunday, but I think he's glad he did now. Especially when he feeds them he can see their pretty little faces.


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