Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mish Mosh Update

Now that my Wedding blogs are done, I've been a bad blogger. So here's a mish mosh update for yall!

Last Friday J&I went down the street to Frisco for a Rough Riders game. Its a perfect cheap date night, and not far from the house! Perfection, especially while the weather is still cool.

Me & the Hubs enjoying the game

We also got new bedroom furniture... this inspired my brainchild.... Mirror pre-make over:

And Post Make over :):):)

I was in Denver this past week for my first program as Ashley Dunaway... although it was more confusing than I had ever imagined. The hotel knew me as Ashley Lally. The transportation company knew me as Ashley Dunaway. My client knew me as both. When I identified myself as Ashley Lally, I should have used Dunaway. When I used Dunaway, I should have used Lally. It was quite the cluster.

I made reservations for my staff to have dinner under Ashley Dunaway... we got there, and they were under Ashley Lally. Although I had a huge identity crisis on my hands, the choice of restaurant was anything but a crisis!

Those who dont know me well, I'll give you a little background. When I first met Jarrett, the boys' refrigerator had barely anything in it (like most boys) but it also had absolutely ZERO condiments. And I like, no LOVE, condiments, and so does JoJo. When we were in New Orleans we had even found her a shirt that said "I like ketchup on my ketchup" & that about sums it up. By the time Justin and Jordan moved out, JoJo and I had successfully turned the whole door of the refrigerator into condiment heaven.

I ask for extra sauce on my pizza, I make extra sauce for my pasta, I need multiple flavor dipping sauces when we get fast food, etc.

So the idea of a restaurant being based around sauces sounded amazing, and it definitely lived up to the hype and then some. Vesta Dipping Grille. Music to my ears. They have 35+ dipping sauces. Each of the entrees comes with 3 sauces, as do the apps AND dessert. Everything I put in my mouth was pure amazingness.

So if you ever find yourself in Denver... check THIS place out!

Last but not least for my randomness...

I am sure that most of you have seen this on the internet, but its far too good not to share in case you havent seen it.

Something big to celebrate this week!!!!! Stay tuned :)


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