Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wedding Days: The Honeymoon

It was an EARLY morning wake up call for us - But 8 hours later - WE.HAVE.ARRIVED.

On the door to our room: HONEYMOONERS!!!!!
Still dont get the swan thing, but J claims to now want to take "towel oragami" classes
View from our balcony

My super cute shirt (that scored us first class <3)

First Night (And get used to this self portrait, you'll be seeing it A LOT)
"Arrrrr!" J lookin like a pirate

Our 8 day diets

My Parrot friends

Another night before dinner

The lame-must-do-sand-thing

And of course the Corona commercial

Jarrett in all his glory: His fedora, cigar & chamagne

Our little oasis by the pool. J would claim it at 7 am every day... so worth it!

Dinner on the beach

Me with the "Circus" performers

Pool day!

J was afraid of the Parrots, but we were able to snap a shot while they were sleeping

Dancin on the beach waiting for food

Best dinner EVER: Lobster & Filet

Our favorite waiter took our picture for us - clearly having a fun night

Time to go :(

Best trip ever! <3


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