Friday, April 5, 2013

High Five for Friday/Week Review (4.5.13)

Can you tell when life gets busy in my world? I just go off the grid... since I missed last week, yall get a mega "High Ten" for this Friday... that was weeeeak sauce - forgive me.
Linking up with Lauren!
Left to Right, Top to Bottom
Brusselssprouts! These were the.biggest guys I had ever seen. They were almost the size of my fist. LOVE.
Bowling. We did a happy hour bowling... still working on that 30 before 30 task of 150... I see many more bowling HHs in our future..
Pasta Maker! Another item on the 30 before 30 list; make homemade pasta. While in Raleigh Annie and I stumbled upon this guy, for $20! Score! One step closer to marking off another!
Opening Day. Baseball season is upon us! L-O-V-E! I was given a ticket to opening day through work - I am so pumped to see our Rangers play! Many more games happening this year for sure - Go Rangers!
Maybooks. My planner came in this week. I have already created 3 more. I might be an addict. Cant wait to get my address book, notebook & meal planner... shhhhhh dont judge
Movie Night This is literally, the second time J&I had gone to the movies together.EVERRRRRR. J is not a big fan of sitting still, especially for hours. But we saw The Croods in 3D. Short.Cartoon.&made for kids. Whats not to like? (dont tell - but it wasnt my favorite and I loooove me a good cartoon movie!)
Happy Easter! ♥ The Dunaways
Boogs has been extra cuddly lately & I love every minute of it.
Work - I got promoted!!! It was such a surprise, but I am super excited about my new "senior" title :)
I hope yall have been doing fab & enjoy your weekend. I head out to Raleigh early Sunday morning for the week. Happy Friday yall!

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