Monday, March 25, 2013

High Five for Friday (3.22.13)/Weekend Things

How the weeks fly by at this point... Geeez!
I started this post on Friday.. and now its Sunday and I am circling back to finish up!
It was a busy, busy week with lots of crazy but that's becoming the norm these days, which I guess isn't so bad. Being bored would be far worse.
Linking up with Lauren to high five for this Friday!
1. Although I didn't celebrate St Pattys in the traditional, green beer drinking, Reuben eating way, I still made sure that I was festive with my shamrock while working

2. While out running errands for the program, we may have stopped in the local HomeGoods & we found a pasta maker for $20 - Hello, 30 before 30 task getting one step closer! I cannot wait to make fresh pasta! I have a feeling, it ill be come an obsession!
3. Although it was an extra crazy week, I am super thankful that I had my work bestie, Annie, with me. We make anything fun... even if its past midnight, and we are helping the banquets team clean rooms.. #justtapeacheetahtoourbacks
4. The hubs sent me final pics of our room -

5. We got to the airport a lot of hours early for our 7:00 pm flight & we ran into this sign... oh how I love my athlete husband!
I got home late Friday night from Raleigh, but we were able to squeeze in some family cuddle time. Its always my favorite part of coming home
Saturday morning I was up early to start prepping for supper club, when my brother asked to meet for brunch - he was in town hanging out with his old friends, so J&I met him over at Whiskey Cake ((I cant sing the praises of this place enough!! DEEE LISSHHH))
Back home we went, I finished prepping, and may or may not have taken a nap... dont judge me! :)
The menu? Asian Fusion! It was so yum! My main meal was this Thai dish - but check over at Chocolate Broccoli this week and you will see everything I served!
I also got in some serious time with my favorite girls

They are growing up so fast.. and are such flirts! Daddy is going to be in some serious trouble! I wish I got to spend more time with them, & hopefully will as my schedule settles out!
Landon was such a ham on Saturday - he was cracking me up!
No pics of sweet Jacob, but he is just so handsome.. I cant keep my hands off all these little cuties.. they are my favorites!
Sunday = LAZY DAY. I caught up on all my DVR shows from the week, watched 2 of my most favorite movies ever (Remember the Titans & Blind Side). Can you say awesome day after the week I had?!
I also decided to try out a Beermosa which I found over at Being Bracco #yum
I also just received 2 new programs.. DC and Toronto.. thinking of having J join me after each for a few days... Anniversary trip & J's birthday trip?! I think so... Any suggestions in either city??
I'm "off" Monday... it gets the quotes since I have to conference calls I have to take, but I dont have to put on real clothes or make up if I am not feeling it, and I'll take that for a win... hope to meet up with my momma too, since its her day off.
I hope yall had a great week & weekend! Happy Monday yall!

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  1. with your master bedroom!!!! Gorg!!!!!! And I am so glad you liked the beermosa ;) it is #yum. DC and Toronto sounds like so much fun! I have been to Toronto and I highly suggest going to see Niagara Falls...It isn't that far from Toronto :)


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