Friday, March 15, 2013

High Five for Friday (3.15.2013)

Its been quite the week - a good one for sure... let's hop to it and get to the things worth High Fiving about with Lauren
1. My brother sent this to me on Monday... if you have ever met Layla Bean you would know this is her to a T. & she calms down 10 minutes later.... I die. I love this & Boogs little personality.
2. Speaking of Layla Bean.. we have been letting her stay out of her crate all week & she has been so good! J&I laugh when we get home because she is always in the same spot... makes you wonder what she does all day! Party it up until she hears the garage door open.. that gets my vote.

3. The Texas weather has been beautiful! My favorite part about spring is when the tulips bloom all over Addison - no picture because that would mean I was using a camera and driving which would be a big fat no no!
4. J&I took advantage of the spring-like weather and enjoyed a little patio action this week for HH. A definite favorite to the spring season for me!
5. I finally got my hair done this week! & at the same time got to spend time with my momma
 Off to Raleigh in the morning - jealous of all you peeps that will be celebrating the Luck o' the Irish!

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  1. Hahaha! Love the pic your brother sent you! And it's almost time for us to let Bella out of her crate as well..this should be interesting.

    Looked like such a great weekend girl :)


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