Friday, April 19, 2013

High Five for Friday! (4.19.2013)

I finally have a moment to link up with lauren! ((I lie, I am sitting outside of a dinner waiting for it to be through.. & I am a good multi-tasker, ha!))
This week was a great one:
1. While digging through photos for J's upcoming big THREE-OHHHH, I found these gems.. and well, I guess this sums up why we aren't in a hurry for babes at the moment.. A little Ashley... good lord, I cannot even imagine the 'tude that will come with her.
2. J&I celebrated our 2-year anniversary in a very chill way. Dins at home, champagne & TV. I loved it. && J surprised me by getting his wedding band.. again.
Funny (??) story... just a few short weeks from being home from our honeymoon, J&I met Justin & Jordan for wings and beer. J&I had driven separately, and when we got home, he didn't come straight into the house.. after a while passed I went out to the garage and there was J, flashlight in hand on his hands and knees searching his car. For what?? No clue, nor would he tell me.
Finally he came in, and told me that his wedding band was gone. He had called Buffalo Wild Wings, they hadn't found it, it wasn't in his car... disappeared into thin air! Our best guess is that when he washed his hands in the restroom it slipped off? Honestly, who knows.
So for almost 2 years, J has been wearing a very random $10 ring hes had since high school && he FINALLY replaced it with the one I intended him to wear for-ever :)
3. I jetted to Canada for the first time (still here) but I am sad that I am at an airport property and really wont get to see much. I'll be back Toronto.. someday
4. My Nike Fuel Band came in and I already love it!
5. While in Toronto, I looked out my window and saw this -
Why, yes that is a Texas flag in Canada - meant to be or what?!
Other random goodies from the week: I got a day off, I got my hair did (which doubles as seeing my momma), I got a crazy massage (verdict is still out on if I liked it our not), and I was able to spend lots of time with my honey before I left town.
Back Saturday - love quick trips! Hope your weekend was equally as great!

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