Wednesday, July 29, 2015

39 Weeks + 4 Days: First Trimester

Mid-November I was on my way to Amsterdam for work. Rebecca, Casee and I had planned to stay over to explore Holland and hop over to London for a few days. On day 2 of the meeting, I was not feeling so hot and felt so dehydrated. I'll never forget when Rebecca came to my room to borrow something and making fun of my 800 water bottles that were empty on my nightstand. Seriously, only a slight exaggeration.

With what started as teasing and a joke of pregnancy, started wearing down on my mind that it could actually be a possibility. To say J&I were trying for a babe wouldn't be accurate, but we weren't preventing and had been talking about starting to "try" in the new year. I continued to enjoy my vacation with my friends.

Anne Frank Haus - Amsterdam

I had severe denial, but in the back of my mind, I couldn't drop the idea that a sweet babe could be in our future. & I wont lie, scared would best describe my feelings. In the London airport, I bought a Harrods teddy bear "just in case" and told J to buy a pregnancy test for me to take when I got home. 

After the flight that seemed 1298341723589175 hours long I was home and taking my first test... I read it as negative, J read it as positive. After taking the second one, I made J go back to the store and get the tests that clearly reads "PREGNANT" or "NOT PREGNANT". I took that test, left it in the bathroom and went to lay my jetlag booty down.. I was so convinced I wasn't pregnant I didn't even check the test. J went in and come back out fist pumping.. I was SHOCKED, scared and happy all at the same time.

That weekend was Thanksgiving and J&I decided to keep our surprise a secret until we went to the doctor to be sure everything was on the up and up. After about a week or two we were ready to tell our parents and siblings. We sent packages with balloons that said "pop me" on them announcing our babe's arrival in July 2015.

The first trimester flew by since we didn't find out until about 8 weeks along and we didn't share with others until 9-10 weeks.

9 weeks
10 weeks

11 weeks

12 weeks

13 weeks

Not long after sharing our news with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law, they shared that they were also pregnant! & also due in July! Such a fun thing to share with them!

The day after Christmas I woke up to some spotting, after speaking with my OB I headed up to the ER to check on baby Dunaway. For those who know J&I, you know that we are a bit of opposites: I am more realistic (pessimistic at times) and J is all rainbows and sunshine, so the trip to the ER was a hard day for me, but J was so positive throughout the experience. When the sonogram was done and we could see/hear the sweet babe's heartbeat going strong, it was such a relief!

At 13 weeks we were finally ready to share our exciting news with everyone!

We also found out the gender in the 13th week... which I will share the story on that in the Second Trimester post tomorrow... stay tuned...

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