Thursday, July 30, 2015

39 weeks + 4 days: Second Trimester

As our second trimester started, we had an appointment with the genetics doctor. There were no worries to be had, but my OB makes this part of routine care. While there we had the option of finding out the sex of our babe at just 13 weeks and I as a planner was taking advantage of that for sure.

Up until about a week before we went to find out, I (along with just about everyone else) thought this babe was a girl. I started to change my mind, but didn't tell anyone that I was then leaning boy. Jarrett and I decided to find out right there in the doctors office what the sex was, but chose not to share with any one else (no family or friends... not a one) until our gender reveal party in just a few short weeks. J&I had already decided on names long before we were pregnant, but 2 days prior to going to the doc, I decided that I no longer wanted to use those names... and so began the baby naming debate 2015..and it wasn't pretty.

When Dr. Koster said "boy" I think J just about came unglued with excitement, and I too was super excited; I'm pretty "boymom"-ish if I do say so myself.

Throughout my second trimester everything continued to be "easy". I had only had sickness while in Amsterdam, sleep was easy, and overall I would forget I was pregnant (up until I was really showing, of course, but even then I would try to squeeze through spaces I didnt belong going through forgetting about the belly I was sporting)

I traveled an incredible amount this trimester. In the month of March I literally slept in my bed 2 nights, all others were spent in hotel rooms all over the country. 

15 weeks

16 weeks

19 weeks

20 weeks - halfway there!
 His sweet little nose... Being able to get sonograms pretty frequently was such a reassuring part of this process, plus I loved seeing his sweet little face and dream of what he "really would look like"

21 weeks

23 Weeks - Orlando

24 weeks - Dallas Meeting
Orlando - the first time my bump was really a bump while working

25 Weeks

25 weeks

The great name debate raged on throughout the entire 2nd trimester. J and I each had separate lists and we would talk about names/send each other names almost every day, until it turned into a knock out, drag out fight, then it would subside for a few days until someone was brave enough to bring it up again (always me). 

I finally told J that I had to have a name by the time my baby showers started, so we really narrowed it down to a handful of names and let Jarrett sit on them for a few days - dont you know HE was the one holding up the process, I knew what name I wanted, and wasnt really willing to give in. 

Finally at 26 weeks, we named this sweet babe - Grayson Daniel Dunaway.

Grayson - I have no idea where I saw this name, but once I had it on my list, I was sure that this was the right name. Although, I wanted to spell it GrEyson, my compromise was to spell it with an "a" as J wanted it.

Daniel - This is Jarretts middle name and was the middle name that we were going to pair with any first name that we chose. 

27 weeks - Augusta, Masters 2015

Baby Gaaaaayson

Up next? I will share our Gender Reveal Party 

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  1. Love seeing how his ultrasound compares to him now! So cool!


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