Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Grayson Daniel: 8 Months

2/3 of a year down. Yowzas! In this past month this baby of mine has started to turn the corner of becoming more of a boy than baby. So sad, and so fun, all at the same time.

estimated measurements:
weight: 22.5 pounds
height: a little over 28 inches ish

eat: we are still nursing, although we had a rough few days of biting. I went to my momma's group on facebook for help. It stopped. Thank the Lord, otherwise I was ready to turn in the towel. He has started snacking in the morning at school (puffs, teething crackers, yogurt drops, etc.) and has still been doing fruit/veggie/oatmeal at school for lunch. Although, this week his schedule is changing. More on that this week. In the evenings we are doing more finger foods - veggie burgers, peas, chicken quinoa meatballs, cubed veggies, coupled with yogurt and some purees. He has finally started drinking water out of sippy cups.

sleep: at the turn of 7 months, the clouds parted and the sun shined down. We are sleeping through the night, every night. Hallelujah! Although, I still seem to wake once or twice to look at the monitor. I don't think that will ever stop, so right now, I feel like I am sleeping like a champ.

He's down no later than 7:30 pm every night and up any time between 6 - 7:30 am. It truly just depends, although the trend seems to be earlier on the weekends. Ugh.

play: so much fun. Grayson smiles 95% of the time. Sweet boy. We officially packed up the swing this month, and I think the excersaucer isn't far behind. He loves to sit and play with his shapes, donuts, and farm animals. Singing and reading books are at the top of his list. Clapping & Peek-a-boo are guaranteed smiles. Rarely rolling over still, scooches here and there, but he is moving to the "older" side of the infant room this week and they assure me he will be on the move within a few weeks.

  • Giving sugars to Mama and Daddy all the time
  • Waives "Bye Bye"
  • Claps his hands
  • Popped his 3rd tooth over the weekend
  • His hair is coming in - still so light (kinda strawberry-ish?)
  • Shakes his head "No" (hit or miss)
  • Working on High Fiving and Blowing Sugars
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is his jam - clapping/smiles/squeals
  • Waives his hands to be picked up
  • Still loves bath time and school
  • Does not like to be told "No" - tears, lots of them.
  • Has started playing shy or flirting - he will smile and dig his face into me while interacting with others
  • Has started to cry every now and then when I leave a room - hoping this doesn't become a habit!
  • Snuggling with Mama is cool again. It had been a while & I love it
  • Was really sick for the first time - he had high fever fir 3 days this month. It was awful but the extra snuggles were the sweetest
  • Says "Dada" but I think he means Mama - ha!
  • Every now and then will repeat "Hi"

Time is flying - guess its time to start thinking about his birthday party.... OMG - how?!

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