Thursday, March 10, 2016

Lets Eat: 8 Months

I posted about our 7 month schedule a few weeks ago, and here we are changing things up again. Does the anxiety ever stop?!

As of Monday G moved from the "baby" side of the infant room to the "older" side of the infant room. Cue the tears. With the move, it will alter his schedule. They say they will ease him into this change, but I have been trying to start the change over the past week by sending snacks for him and doing much more on the finger foods front. Although, theres more in his chair than his mouth most of the time!

Weekday Schedule:
6:30 /7:15am: Wake/Nurse/Get ready for School
8:30/9:00am: Snack (puffs, yogurt drops, teething crackers, etc.)
9:30/10:00am: Milk - Starting with his usual 6 ounces, but plan to decrease?
11/11:30am: Lunch (Veggie burger, diced steamed veggies, peas, chicken quinoa meatballs, etc.) & its been suggested to accompany with milk - 4 ounces?
2:30/3:00pm: Afternoon Snack (same as morning, maybe add diced fruit?) & its been suggested to accompany with milk - 4 ounces?
6/6:30pm: Dinner (Meat, oatmeal, fruit, veg, etc) & Water
7/7:15 pm: Nurse

Here are my concerns/questions:
  • suggestions on snacks besides things like puffs? Seems like empty snacking, although, he doesn't need calories
  • how do you decrease the breastmilk amounts? Is going down to 4 ounces per bottle during the day going to shock him?
  • everything I read says to still give 24 ounces minimum and 30 ounces max. If I go down to (3) 4 ounce bottles during the day, will his nursing in the morning/evening last longer than it does now to be sure he's getting the 24 ounces? Or I guess you don't have to worry about it?
  • suggestions on recipes for lunches/dinners? I have started scouring Pinterest and other "Baby Led Weaning" sites, even though I am not sure that's what I would call what I am doing - ha!

As always, I welcome and love feedback and help! 


  1. HI! It is so nerve racking changing their schedules and routines! Makes me anxious just thinking about it but I guess it is all part of the growing and developing process. My son is only 4 months old but I remember going through this with my 2 year old. I did similar to what you are suggesting but I did not decrease the amount of milk I was giving her which was 5 oz. My thought was that she really wasnt getting much nutrition from the snacks and still needed the milk. She eventually did start eating more and was not drinking all of her bottle. But every kid is different and my little boy is a chuncky monkey just like yours and he LIKES his milk so not sure he is going to give it up too easy!!! Good luck with the changes! I am new to your blog but your little family is adorbale and Grayson is so cute!

    1. I know... the idea of taking away milk scares me about his reaction - hahaha! Chunk Chunk looooves his milk

  2. I am a first time mama to a sweet boy as well! I make sure my 9 month old has at least 24oz of milk since that is what their little bodies need to stay hydrated (unless he is getting other liquids). Your little one is so cute and looks like he is a good water! Baby chub is the CUTEST! For snacks you could also try blueberries, bananas & avocados (these are hard for my little one to pick up sometimes since they are so slippery so I will crush puffs and roll them in the flakes to make them easy to pick up and eat), homemade oatmeal "cookies" or muffins?!? Hope some of those ideas help I'll be checking back to see others suggestions :)


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