Monday, August 23, 2010

Miss Kayla Love's Bachelorette Weekend!

Kayla & Joe's big day is quickly approaching and I could not be any more excited for them both! This past weekend was the best celebration of all wedding festivities (well, besides the actual wedding, of course!) BACHELORETTE WEEKEND!!!

Friday Night I hosted the lingerie shower at our house. There were about 15 girls at the house, and of course we had a blast!

Some of the beautiful ladies:
The ladies enjoying outside:

All of Kayla's Goods!!!The lady of the weekend about to play a game:Saturday night we had a hotel room at Magnolia, had dinner at Sfuzzi and hit downtown with some smokin' ladies!

Love this woman!
Kayla breakin it down!

Aaaaaaand thats about all the pictures that are blog-appropraite ;)

Overall an amazing weekend & cant wait for the BIG day!


  1. Girl- You know how to throw a oartalalay! Don't worry, yours will be phenominal, promise :)

  2. Love the new furniture! I almost didn't recognize this was your house! And you and Jordan's hair!! Yall went Darker!! Looks like fun!


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