Monday, July 23, 2012


After weeks of being M.I.A. on this little blog (except for my High Fives.. because I love those) I am back in action... Here is our weekend wrap up!

Thursday - Thursday was my Friday.. do you love those types of weeks as much as I do?? I wish I did them much more often than I do... I should work on that.. I disgress..

J remembered on Tuesday that he had a work outing at the lake on Thursday.. over night. This may seem like a small point of my weekend; however in the Dunaway House, this is a huge problem. This wifey is a My bestest's hubby is a firefighter... stays home alone every third day. My other best, lives alone in her apartment. Me? When my hubby says he wont be home for a night, I run home to my mommy and daddy. So J had fun out at the lake with his work buddies, and Layla & I had a sleepover in good old Flower Mound. Someday I will be able to stay home alone... well... We will see...

Friday - I got my hair did and my tan on and then J&I just relaxed for the rest of the day/night. It was perfection! We had planned on cooking, but Chinese sounded much much better...

Lots of cuddling in the Dunaway House


My Momma-in-Law came up with the perfect Dunaway Outing for us on Saturday. We all met at J&J's in the morning and we headed out to Downtown McKinney to Franconia Brewery.. We had such a great time & the beer was tastey!!! We will definitely be going back again!

Afterwards we went down to the McKinney Main Street area and grubbed at Square Burger.. First off, lets talk about how freakin cute this area is?! There are a billion cute little shops, and resturants.. that I must eat at EACH. But I am so thankful we went to square burger... it was delish... Everyone else got trditional burgers, but JoJo and I got a gyro burger... HOLY YUM peeps... holy.yum.

They also had delicious ice cream sandwiches

That night J&J came over and we had dinner (Stuffed Shells... I wish I had taken a pic, so I could do a recipe post but as you know recipes are not allowed unless there are photos... I will re-do soon!)

We watched a movie...

Sooooo funny! Loved hanging out with brother and sister.. it was like when they used to live here... just hanging out, laughing.. so easy!

Sunday: We hosted the July supper club.. it was Greek Night here at the Dunaway House... check in this week at Chocolate Broccoli for all of my recipes!

 am so looking forward to August Supper Club at the Cabreras - as always, I love our friends, but we get to find out the sex of Baby Cabrera!! EEEK!!! I think its a boy... for no reason... I just think so... ((Chris, you can high five me later!)) Cant wait to find out!

Have a great week yall!



  1. Yea.. so I'm STEALING your pictures from last night:) Thanks, bestest ever!

  2. I LOVED Square Burger when we went!

    I think it's a BOY too, I can't wait to find out!

    I LOVED greek night at your house, thank you :)


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