Friday, July 13, 2012

H54F! St Louis Edition

Helloooooooo FRIDAY!

Its been quite the week here in St Louis, but I welcome you with open arms... Program is officially over at noon & it will be time to have some fun with my girls before heading home tomorrow afternoon.

This is my first week since I have started linking up with Lauren on Fridays that I have been on program for the entire week. I thought hat finding my top5 was going to be difficult, but surprisingly it was super simple!

First off, I should start by saying I had never been to St Louis and didnt really know what to expect, but I have been very pleased...Here are my faves from the week! ((If you follow me on Instagram (a_dway), you'll be seeing some repeats - sorry!

1. The Arch: Over the weekend were our "set-up" days. These are the days we try to finish our tasks as early as possible, because in the meeting/event world you never know how each day will go once the program gets started. I was able to get us to a great stopping point and we walked over to the Arch! It looked like it was going to down pour, but we escaped still dry!

2. The Italian: You all should know by now, but if you are new to read, Italian is my thing. This city, does Italian. & I have not missed a single opportunity to capitalize on this fact. I'm pretty sure... no, I am positive, that I have eaten Italian every single evening since arriving on Saturday. Holy yum! This included fettucini, rigatoni, pizza, toasted ravioli... OH!  The toasted ravioli is incredible! I will say though, I am glad I dont live here... you would have to roll me around I would be so big!

3. My Staff: This may seem silly, but I have said this before on the blog, the girls I work with are a huge part of my life considering how much I travel and how much time we all spend together. Somehow I ended up with a version of the Dream Team here in St Louis. All of these girls are seasoned, and I have known them for years. We all have crazy different personalities, but we all know each other so well.. There are lots n lots of laughs, mostly at each others expense.. and a lot of calling each other out (& no one gets upset, we all know its true) I love all of the moments that we had this week, so thank you ladies (Annie, Marion (MERRR), Temarra (T; Do not Disburb!), Debbie & Nancy (Nancypants))! You make my job a whole lot easier & are the best!!

I really wanted to get a full staff picture for this, but it just didnt happen... FAIL!

4. The Ballpark: We had a dinner event at the Busch Stadium... Awesome? Yes.

5. Home: While I have been gone J has been hard at work on our backyard. I cannot wait to see it (& share pictures of course!!) Zaky & Chara will be in town on Saturday and we get to spend some time with them... super excited. For all of the above.

By the way.. this made me chuckle..

Love is...

Happy Weekend!!


  1. SOOO ready for you to be hommmmeeeee! :) LOVE

  2. The arch is so cool! Love the pictures!

  3. The Arch looks awesome. I may have to add St. Louis to my places to visit list just to see it.

  4. that arch is awesome. and so is having girlfriends. they're just lovely creatures that are given to us by God to be with us through tough and good times. :)

    found you in h54f and is following you via GFC now. i hope you can drop by my blog and find something you'd be interested about. :)

    jen @


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