Friday, December 28, 2012

High Five for Friday (12.28.2012)

Its been a while since I have posted on a Friday & linked up with Lauren, but I have gotten it together this week... so here we go..
A not so high to my week...
"Happy birthday from Denton County" My FIRST ticket ever. Yes, that makes my driving record spotless for thirteen years, people - 13! The worst part is, I didnt even get pulled over... just this **gem** in the mail... total BS, I tell you...
But on to the good things from this week...
1. Dunaway Christmas was on Sunday... we had such a great evening together & we even got to see Santa!

& we celebrated our birthdays, one more time..
2. Sunday evening we got a surprise text from some of our best friends, the Cabrera's, baby Jacob had arrived! On Monday, we stopped by the hospital to meet the sweet boy.
He is so perfect... & look at that hair! He was so alert and just precious.. Ugh, so in love.
So in love, that I maaay have gone to visit (& bring some meals of course) on Thursday...
3. After our visit with the new fam of 3, we went to dinner with my family for hibachi for my birthday and opened gifts later that evening.

4. Christmas Day, we had planned on having both of our families to our house, but good old Texas and its weather had other plans...

We had a quiet family day/night with just the 3 of us.. it was actually quite nice. We watched, Pitch Perfect... really funny!
Our families came over on Wednesday instead, once the roads were a bit better.. but of course, I did not take a single photo of the day.. womp womp wompppp
5. Happy Happy Birthday to my bestest - Hope this last year in your twenties is perfect! Love you, Heather!
Excited for the weekend and a few more days before going back to work!

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  1. My favorite High 5, yet! You look stunningly beautiful my bestest ever in the whole wide world:) Glad your week has been well! Now.. you've been spending too much time away from me and these babies. Get your bootie over here! Muah!


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